Responding to Academic Misconduct

If you have concluded that a student has committed academic misconduct, university policy states that the incident must be reported to the Dean of Students for several reasons.  First, if these incidents are not reported to a central location, a student who is violating academic integrity in various courses may go undetected.  Second, students who are not held accountable for such misconduct tend to repeat the behavior if they believe they can escape detection.  The official process for handling these cases has been carefully designed to focus on both accountability and education, while respecting the studentís due process rights.  If you handle academic misconduct outside the official process, the student can legitimately file a complaint or contest any grade given as a penalty on the basis that you did not follow correct procedure, thereby depriving the student of due process. Failure to appropriately address academic misconduct can have the effect of undermining the academic integrity of Indiana University and, as a consequence, lower the value of all IU degrees.

The specific procedure for the adjudication of academic misconduct on the IU-Bloomington campus can be found in the
Procedures for the administration of the Campus Judicial System at IU Bloomington. Faculty and instructors may use the below form to document acts of academic misconduct.  Instructions for use of the documents are found within.


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